US stocks drop, dollar gains as Federal Reserve unveils latest major interest rate hike

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell vowed to do what it takes to control inflation as the central bank raised interest rates again New York (AFP)...

Midterms 2022: an uncertain election night in the United States

The suspense lasts in the midterm elections in the United States. For now, each side retains its traditional strongholds. Will the Democrats save their...

France’s Total Energy pumps $1.5 billion into Qatari gas

France's Total Energy plans to pump $1.5 billion into boosting gas production from Qatar's huge North Field, on top of more than $2 billion...

Merrick Garland Urged To Do SOMETHING As Trump Announces He’ll Defy Subpoena

Attorney General Merrick Garland is being urged to take some kind of action - possibly even issuing a warning - as Donald Trump says...

AFC Asian Cup Final: Shadab Khan takes responsibility for Sri Lanka defeat

After losing to Sri Lanka in the AFC Asian Cup Final, the multi-level player, Shadab Khan, took on some sportsmanship, taking responsibility for losing...
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